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Aaron Aurora in Time to Study

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  • Description: You have to feel a little bit sorry for Aaron Aurora. There he is, head in a book, minding his own business and clearly wishing only to make progress with his studies, when in bounds Owen Jackson � a young scoundrel whose interests at school are limited to chatting up the other lads in class and seeing how quickly he can get into their pants. Needless to report, Aurora�s resistance is tame to say the very least; and, credit where credit is due, it�s unlikely you�ll ever see a guy woo a mate out of his pants quite as quickly as Jackson does here. Mind, pulling his dick from his trousers is an unquestionable game-winner right from the off � let�s face it, a youngster with Aurora�s reputation is highly unlikely to turn that kind of offer down in a hurry! Indeed, so it proves; and before you can say �Jack the Lad� everyone�s favourite schoolboy is greedily feasting on young Jackson�s dick like a being possessed. From that point, of course, Aurora is very putty in his over-sexed buddy�s hands; and, having enjoyed a subsequent blow-job courtesy of Jackson, is soon spreading his legs in order to accommodate his pal�s engorged knob-head deep inside his ass! Not that Aurora � a fellow who�s already enjoyed more hard cock in his short life than most do in a whole lifetime � is ever going to be fazed at such a prospect. Indeed, the randy little vixen is very soon riding every hard inch that Jackson can thrust in his direction like a veritable pro; culminating in him spewing a fine wad of jizz all over his own belly to add to the fine spray of goo that Jackson has dumped seconds before!

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