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Lyle Boyce and Michel Rudin

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  • Duration: 2:09

  • Description: A fan of being thrown around the bedroom, or whatever room he happens to be in, Lyle Boyce is a real daddy hunter, and this time heís bagged Italian Stallion Michel Rudin. Itís not always the daddyís that are in charge in the chase, itís definitely sometimes the twinks! However, once the chase is complete, itís always the daddy who comes out in charge of whatís to follow! Hung hairy fucker Michel guides Lyleís pale youthful head onto his waiting and totally rock solid dick, making him lap at his uncut head, almost as if heís about to shoot his load already! Holding back and then really throat fucking the poor twink, we know heís back in the game and eager to fuck this boy to show him whoís controlling the scene! Stripped of his suit and rocking the boy on his lap, his dick is completely inside his hole and Lyle has nowhere to go! Picked up like a doll and thrown into the corner of the sofa, Michelís not done with him yet and slams his ass once more, raised high and letting us in on the action. Lyleís panting hard and slowly strokes himself, only allowed to cum after Daddy Michel has done his deed.

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